U Shape Stainless Steel Aquarium CO2 Diffuser


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U Shape Stainless Steel Aquarium CO2 Diffuser
High-grade polished stainless steel CO2 diffuser, durable as well as elegant, adding a beautiful scenery to your aquarium.
2 sizes bottom diameter: 3.6cm/1.41″ and 2.4cm/0.94″, 5 length available (20cm/7.87″, 25cm/9.8″, 30cm/11.8″, 35cm/13.8″, 40cm/15.7″) to satisfy your needs.
Helps to ensure plants receive proper amounts of CO2, improve the growth and health of your plants with sufficient CO2 supply.
The CO2 diffuser disc must be screwed as tight as possible when installation.
Notice: The CO2 diffuser may release big CO2 bubbles during its first 1-3 days of usage. When ceramic disc becomes saturated with water, it will then release fine CO2 bubbles, this is normal and may take up to 3 days.


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