Sunsun Filteration Pump With UV


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JUP- 02 UV is A New Brand which combines filtering pump and UV light,small cubage,beautiful apperance.It’s easy to operate,install and maintain.The water, both fresh and salt, will be filtered out by the ultraviolet ray when pump works to have the water flow through the lamp aperture.This uv pump can kill the germs, bacteria,splanktonic algae with a great speed. Besides,this pump can install anywhere of the aquarium and fishpond.
No irradiating any fish,aqua-plant and people!
Must be in a sealed container when using the uv light in the aquarium!

No long time working with the uv light,half an hour in a day or week is ok!

Model: JUP- 02 UV
Voltage:AC 220-240V/50-60Hz
UV light Power:5w
Pump power: 5w
Highest flow quantity:500L/h
Highest pumping head:0.4m
Weight :0.8kg
Size :90*80*270mm


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