Hikari Tropical Betta Gold Fish Food, 20 g


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Hikari Tropical Betta Gold Fish Food, 20 g
Hikari offers a wide variety of diets for tropical fish, each offering unique characteristics which enable it to be readily accepted by the specific fish it was developed for. This attention to detail allows you to be confident your choice will be quickly devoured by even the most finicky eaters. Hikari is one of the few companies worldwide that dedicates a considerable amount of time and money researching the dietary needs of fish, their eating habits, desirable textures and tastes, as well as nutrient balancing to get each diet just right for the fish that will eat it. The Hikari Aquatic Lab conducts ongoing studies to develop new formulations and to verify that the current formulations meet our rigid quality standards. This scientific methodology, coupled with our live fish handling experience at our world class fish import/export centers in Japan, give us a perspective on fish nutrition no other fish food maker has. This is one of the reasons Hikari has been considered the quality leader in aquatic nutrition for decades. If you’re looking for something to make your customers’ fish perk up and take notice, try Hikari and give them a food they will truly love.


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