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Black Neon Tetra
The Black Neon Tetra is another great fish for planted aquariums where slightly acidic water conditions are present. The Black Neon Tetra has a yellow-green stripe that runs the length of the body with a black region under the yellow-green stripe. It looks really neat when you see a school of this fish darting about. The Black Neon Tetra is even smaller than the Cardinal Tetra and Neon Tetra and will display the same schooling behavior when kept in small groups of 6 or more. They are very peaceful and should not be kept with larger fish capable of eating them.

Most Black Neon Tetras available in your local pet shops have been farm raised and should be relatively disease free, but you never know. It’s always a good idea to keep any new fish in a Quarantine Tank for a few weeks for monitoring before introducing them into your main tank. The Black Neon Tetra can be sensitive to fluctuations in pH and temperature. You may also want to take a little longer when acclimating this fish to your tank water. Take an hour (instead of 15 minutes) and slowly add small amounts of tank water to the bag every 10 minutes or so.

They will accept smaller fish food including flakes, frozen, freeze dried and live foods.

Black Neon Tetra Picture

Black Neon Tetra
Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi

Black Neon Tetra Video

Black Neon Tetra Care Facts
Scientific Name : Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi

Common Names : Black Neon Tetra, Black Neons

Care Level : Easy to Moderate

Size : 1.5 inches (3-4 cm)

pH : 5.5 – 7.0

Temperature : 72°F – 80°F (22°C – 27°C)

Black Neon Tetra Lifespan : 3 – 5 years

Origin / Habitat : South America, Brazil

Temperament / Behavior : Very peaceful and best kept in a small school (shoal) of 6 or more.

Black Neon Tetra Breeding : They have been bred in captivity and are egg layers.

Aquarium Size : 20 gallon minimum (schooling fish)

Black Neon Tetra Tank Mates : They are a very peaceful little fish. Keep them in a small school and try not to keep them with larger fish that may be tempted to eat them, such as Angelfish

Fish Disease : Freshwater Fish Disease

Diet / Foods : An omnivore – provide a varied diet with live food, frozen food and they should accept flake food.

Tank Region : Middle to bottom

Gender : Can be difficult to determine, female may be more full bodied

Fish Lore Forum : Black Tetra Forum


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