Beet Root Vegetable Seeds


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How To Grow Beetroot From Seeds
Introduction and Uses: Beetroot makes an attractive addition to the vegetable garden. Favoured for its edible roots the plant produces ornamental leaves with red, yellow or white veins are used for various culinary purposes. Beetroot can be classified into two main types – globe and long rooted. Once only blood-red root was available, but now we have orange, yellow, gold, white and even concentrically ringed roots of varying shapes. It is a versatile vegetable that is easy to grow.

Beetroots contain nitrates, chemicals that are converted to nitrites and hence it is excellent for the brain. Research has proved that nitrites help the blood vessels stay supple and flexible, which keeps the blood pressure maintained. The brilliant hue of Beetroot comes from pigments called Betalains; these protect the body from certain cancers.


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